At ONESIXARTMODELS we create high quality pieces for 1/6 scale action figures for the most demanding collectors and customizers. All are made in Spain.

We use different materials such as genuine leather, wood, brass or pewter. The sanding of the mould lines, the sewing of the leather or the polishing of the metal is made entirely by hand, this give each piece an individual quality.

We could say that they are “museum quality” pieces (in fact we have made custom figures for some), but it will be our customers who will value the work we do.

Complete equipments and loose pieces limited to one hundred copies world wide. Its components will never be sold as individual parts.

Complete equipment to recreate an early 8th century Viking Warrior.


All kinds of dioramas, complements and bases for the exhibition of 1/6 figures.

Weapons and accessories of all historicals times. Available continuosly.

WW II German Helmet Stahlhelm 42


WW II German Y-straps


Valladolid, SPAIN

+34 983 48 41 31


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